A walk through the old markets of London

The city of London, the world’s financial capital has a strong network of old markets are historically significant. The photowalk through the oldest markets in London made me realize how they had contributed significantly to the city’s local economy.

1. The Spitalfields market does not just have food stalls, but also proper shops, and stalls with unique design or vintage pieces. At a first glance, the market seems pretty new, but when you probe deeper, you find out that the entire area of Spitalfields,and  the people associated with it have a long history. The fact that international artists, dedicated a part of their life to this neighborhood is interesting.

“Food, design and vintage stalls. The meeting point of an entire neighborhood’s history, a multitude of ethnicities along with their millions of stories. Spitalfield market.”

2.   The most beautiful historic part of the cityis the Leadenhall Market. It is a well maintained building with alluring architecture and the decoration. This market is different from the others as it does not have stalls, but just closed shops. On Saturday all the shops are closed, just like everything in the City, but that give the opportunity to focus on its best characteristic: its exteriors.

Thanks to its magnificent architecture and decoration, this  historical red spot in the middle of the City, the Leadenhall Market stands out.

3. Going ahead, we pass through narrow streets of London and come across the Old Billingsgate market, laid down besides the River Thames, in between London bridge and  Tower Bridge. Once, the world’s biggest fish market  is now a hospitality and events venue in the City of London.



London bridge on the right hand side, and tower bridge on the left hand side, the Billingsgate market was the most accessible market in London

4. Time for the riverside pathway,  Borough Market, the oldest and apparently most famous market, in London is situated on the opposite side of the river.  It is the only one in the South side. Do stop to taste some of the dishes from all around the world. This market also has the oldest and the most beautiful churches in London.

Borough Market: The old market is  a tourist trap but is a  high  quality food market.

5. The last stop of the day was the Covent Garden market. With posh shops and luxury boutiques, it is still well preserved. The ideal time to visit this market is Christmas time as its fabulous decorations are a visual treat. However history still preserves itself in the form of a few old shops, that occupy the corners.

Covent Garden Market: A market  with its own square complete with luxury boutiques and designer stalls,accompanied by a variety of live performances.Hidden corners mark the past.




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