Amasimbi N´┐Żamakombe Ballet: A Rich Conservation of Performing Arts

Amasimbi Nĺamakombe BalletAmasimbi N´┐Żamakombe Ballet: A Rich Conservation of Performing Arts
Amasimbi N´┐Żamakombe Ballet was founded in 1976 by Rugamba Cyprien in Butare. Rugamba Cyprien was a musician, composer, and writer. Mr. Cyprien taught young boys in the ´┐Żintore,´┐Ż (Amakombe) Rwandan dance and the preservation of Rwandese Culture. In 1978, the ballet group accepted girl dancers. The group worked with Mr. Cyprien in different artistic activities. The group´┐Żs performances became popular in many Rwanda ceremonies such as weddings and festivals. The group also performed in Belgium, France and Swaziland.
During the 1994 Genocide, Rugamba Cyprien and his wife were killed along with some members of the ballet group. After the Genocide, members of the ballet group along with devote followers of Rugamba Cyprien searched ways to revive the group.
Intore Dancers

Intore dancers of warriors, the young boys and men dance in traditional cultural dance and music with imigara and amayugi. The Intore dance in King royal ceremony, up now they participate in large ceremonies.
The Male dancers were selected based on their physical and moral qualities, since Intore is more than a dance and the learning of dance steps, but Intore dancers were educated in the ways of everyday royal court behavior and how to conduct themselves among Royalty and mainly King ´┐Ż the Mwami of Rwanda. They gave inspiration through their dance as there was preparation for the hunt or even for battle as they danced the dance of Heroes.


Umushagiriro/umushayayo by ladies and women. The female´┐Żs dance is usually compared to ballet. It is meant to display the grace as well as the beauty of the women of Rwanda as they emulate the movements of cows and wildlife though you would never know that as you watch the graceful, artistic movements of the Women Dancers. In Rwandan Traditional ´┐Ż Cultural Dance Men dance and portray Courage, Strength and Confidence while Women through Dancing so forth, love, care, nurture and their graceful feminine strength.

Now,The ballet managed by Olivier Rugamba son who accept to continue to survive and conserve those beauties and heritage of his parents .There is Rugamba cyprien Foundation (Fidesco) help the street children, and he was the founder of communaut´┐Ż de l´┐ŻEmmanuel au Rwanda,all have the office at Kicukiro Kigali-Rwanda Communaute de l´┐ŻEmmanuel .
Kigali -Rwanda

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