Dhaka: The National Assembly Building

The city of Dhaka lies along the east bank of the Buri-ganga River in the heart of the Bengal delta.

The music and dance styles of Dhaka is varied, displaying a balanced mix of both classical and modern. Just like its performance art, the architecture that the city houses is quite cutting edge, as exemplified by buildings such as the National Assembly Building.

The National Assembly Building

The National Assembly Building, designed by architect Louis I Kahn, �is an astonishing example of modern architecture. He �took the motivation from a part of Bengali architecture. It is one of Kahn�s most prominent works, and also a symbolic monument to the government of Bangladesh.

The building itself looks quite vivid from afar.
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Initially, Kahn was going to make a that building i.e. monumental occurrence, but after Bangladesh had officially broke from Pakistani rule in December of 1971 the project became much more of a sign of democracy and self-importance for the Bangali people.� The building was finally completed in 1982.

Construction Details

1.Beginning of construction: 1961

2.Completed on: 28 January 1982

3.Total area: Around 200 acres (800,000 m�)

The most interesting thing is, there is not a single column in the entire building. Hollow columns that are parts of space enclosures have been adapted as structural supports. �One of the important considerations in designing the building was protection from the sun and rain. The structure provides a visual impression or a majestic edifice. It avoided the conventional method of placing windows in the exterior and the disadvantages of monumental composition were removed by the provision of core walls with small gaps in between.

Louis Kahn really exemplified the Power of Architecture through his work.
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Architecturally, the complex marks a distinct departure from the rest of the modern buildings in Dhaka, and thus stands out distinctly.


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