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Nature is beautiful and sometimes it is at the extreme. Marble rock at Jabalpur, MP, India is one such beauty. Well I managed to visit it in spite of my busy schedule and at the end of the day it was of worth.


The journey starts from the Bhedaghat, where one have to board the boat on minimal payment basis for a water ride along the river Narmada. Narmada is one of the major river river in the central India and it is one of the peninsular river in nature, that is it flows in opposite directions. The water color of the river is green, clear and chill, touching will give you a pleasure feeling. Just a blow for few minutes and taking a right turn, will enter into the world of nature made marble palace. Welcoming with this golden color marble. Many film shoot done here.


Moving ahead enter into the place of slate rocks, ancient people used to use it as a medium to write instead of papers.


Next in the right other than Nilgiri mountains one can see the blue color mountain over here, which is pure blue marble, just amazing !!!


In between one can see a floating shiva linga. Please try to identify where it is in the below picture.


After this one will enter into the region called bhulbulaiya, it is called so because one can not see where is the river path going. After identifying the right direction Narmada temple can be seen, virtual temple like structure!!!


Let me remind you the depth of the water here can engulf 30 stored buildings and here accidentally we met one snake friend, try to identify in the picture.


Those who watched Ashoka movie can imagine that Kareena Kapoor is dancing here!!! moving ahead will reach nature made Khajuraho


One will enjoy the beauty of Kharuraho, suddenly found themselves stuck in the iceberg as we have seen in the titanic. Let me remind you, these are not ice bergs but white marbles. What a fascinating view it was. One can find many wallpaper available for this but eye view is just awesome !!!


The white part you seen, will merge during rainy seasons which made impossible to visit and many accidents also occurs here. So, do not try to show your hero giri like jumping inside the water or swimming. But will be more pleasant if you visit during full moon light night. That will be the best but be careful. The boat guide was brilliant, will make your journey more memorable.


Just at the end point of marble rock Dhuandhar falls area starts. Mini Nigara falls it is named so because water sparkles like vapors which make more attractive !!!


Wow !!! now it is your turn to visit.