The Rwanda Liberation War

The liberation war started by the  Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) to liberate  their country. Many of these were  young people  who needed to come back to their country. Problems first arose in 1959 when the Tutsi were chased from the country, their homes destroyed and burnt and they were made refugees in neighboring countries.


In 1990, the liberation war started in Kagitumba, Mutara, in the eastern region near Uganda. At the very beginning, the RPF was spearheaded by Rwigema. These forces longed to come back to their motherland, and to bring their parents back home as well as show to young persons who were born outside Rwanda, their father’s homeland. They were patriotic, wanted to live in peace, to stop being refugees. Rwigema died at the very start of the war, it was sad and bad but the war did not stop, they continued and called Kagame who was a student in America to take over and be the commander.

In 1994, took place the genocide against the Tutsi where over 1 million of people died in the country, the latter were killed because of how they were born. The population had genocide ideology from colonization period. The Rwandans started to kill other Rwandans in different hills of the country, neighbors kill his neighbors, a husband killed his wife and his kids,

RPF continues to fight for liberation the country and stop genocide, it was hard war but cause of the love of patriotism, they move up and God help them to liberate the country on 4th, July, 1994.

Theobard joined RPF in 1993,he was 22 years old, he was passionate to be a soldier, he left the country secretly, noone knew he went to join RPF, after one week of training (military training ),he started to fight in Gikagati (near Rukomo),he passed in different regions of Rwanda(Mimuri,Sake,Nyagatare,Nyagasambu,Kanombe,Rebero,Muhanga……), his aim was to liberate the country, in the fighting, it is good to avoid the fear and to cause it to your friends. On 4/7/1994, the liberation date of the country, he was in Gishoma (Cyangugu) where he celebrated with others their works to save the country. In 2000, he left the arms, he became a civilian, now he is married with 4 children, and he has a house, he wish to have one child in the army. He is happy and proud of his job of liberating the country and its development in all domains

The war is a war, it destroyed  everything, people and materials in Rwanda, there are many things lost cause of the war, the king family members  who  died in genocide, historic documents got lost, people who knew many in the history of the  country (historian, musician, journalist…) many natural resource destroyed( park, forest, animals,,,).It affected  the social cohesion of the population of  Rwandan .

Now, 22 years after genocide the country is progressing well, move well, the Rwandan live together on the hills, in the same village, all Rwandan put together their force to build their country. The survivors and genocide perpetrator are intermarried, they participate in weddings, they give offer each other’s cows, the children go to school, there is a good administration, and there is a good security. Rwanda rebuilds itself in different spheres of life. It encouraging all over the country the spirit of Rwandahood. Ndi Umunyarwanda.

The transformation is obvious in Rwanda  in various  domains(education, health, economic, security,….) Rwanda has  good governance and good security in the region, the Rwandan are  peacekeepers in different countries (Haiti, south Sudan , central African Republic…..) and Rwanda  is the 1st  country in the region  for free corruption, According to World Bank, Rwanda is easiest place to do business , the 1st  in  East African region and the 3rd in Africa, and Rwanda is also the 1st country in the world that has the majority number of women in the parliament.

The liberation war teaches others in the world, the lesson of saving the country, to take the decision of helping others, to create the unity between the populations, to look so far. The war is bad and should not happen anywhere else in same way as it happened in Rwanda, no discrimination between populations, no genocide in Rwanda and all over the world.

The liberation war save the country and revive, it is good for the new generation, to remember the heroes of that war, to profit from their actions, their love of the country and continue to build our country and a better world.

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