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Formation:- 2012

Motive:- Make heritage fun
Head quarters:- Bengaluru,Karnataka ,India
Region served:- World-wide

Ajay Reddy

GoUNESCO is a UNESCO, New Delhi supported umbrella of initiatives with a simple objective – Make heritage fun. GoUNESCO is an online travel challenge that makes discovering heritage fun. Thousands of people from around the world are traveling to world heritage sites based on the challenge now. GoUNESCO was started by Ajay Reddy, he started GoUNESCO in 2012.The aim was to To travel to all the UNESCO heritage sites in India within a calendar year.


Being a new organisation, it has a very brief but an interesting history.

“A tweet by Pallavi Savant started it all,” says Ajay Reddy. “She had posted a Rs. 10 ticket bearing images of these sites and asked ‘How many have you been to?’ I thought it would be fun to travel to all 28 UNESCO certified World Heritage Sites within a calendar year.”

And from this single tweet started the journey of GoUNESCO.

There have been successful completions of the GoUNESCO challenge. From one man’s initiative , the organisation now has attracted around 50 people.In 2013 the gold UNESCO challenge went global.There was no reason why it should be restricted just to India it continues being global,and giving travel enthusiasts a proper platform to exchange their experiences and journeys.


The goal behind this initiative is basically to increase the awareness about the various cultural and heritage sites which exist around us and appreciate the importance of world heritage sites and maybe contribute to their preservation in your own way by taking up challenges.The goal is also to encourage formation friendship and a community based on the interest and passion for travel,culture and heritage.

About the founder:-

Ajay Reddy is an entrepreneur, a marathoner and a travel enthusiast based in of Hyderabad. He tours around the world, meeting people, spreading his idea and taking inputs from the world around.



GoUNESCO is open to all one interested to explore the world the idea is simple

visit UNESCO world Heritage sites across the world
to upload a picture from their ongoing
collect the points allotted to each world Heritage site
Some of the open challenges are the epic challenge culture challenge USA 2015 and India 2015.

Go UNESCO has also launched a GoUNESCO CampusAmbassador (GCA) program. This programme involves selecting GCA  from each college and engaging students in conversations on heritage and culture and make heritage more accessible, interesting and fun.The GCAs are also expected to spread of madness about the various heritage sites culture especially in the city and create and enthusiasm among peers to actively participate in protection of heritage sites and cultures.