6 Awesome Traveling Gadgets

Power Monkey eXplorer

We are fans of technology. While we know that it could be a pain carrying expensive stuff while traveling, there are a few gadgets which are absolutely amazing that they make travel more pleasurable. So, why don’t you check these out…

1. Franklin Global Translator

Franklin-TGA495-12-Language-Speaking-Global-TranslatorThis gadget can translate 12 languages to and from (Chinese, Arabic, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). The silent feature of this gadget is the European phonetic spell correction allows you to hear over 115000 and about 12,000 phrases pronounced in recorded human speech. There about 450000 words and 12,000 phrases included and its large screen is ideal for viewing both the translations simultaneously.

2. Tripshell All in one Adaptor

tripshell adapterThis universal adaptor covers outlets in over 150 countries. This wonder adaptor comes with the built in surge controller which protects your sensitive electrical appliances from spikes in foreign electric supply. You can charge your laptops, cellphones, PDA’s without changing the adaptor internationally so there is no need to carry multiple adaptors.

3. Power Monkey eXplorer

Power Monkey eXplorer If at all if you are traveling to the place where there is no electricity, Power Monkey eXplores is the Gadget that you must have. This Wonderful gadget can be charged under the sun and stores up reserve power for 96 hours. It comes with multiple USB connectors, with which you can comfortably connect your iPods, PDA’s, Smart mobile phones, Blackberry’s, Bluetooth headsets, Digital Cameras etc..

4. Dicapac

DicapacDicapac provides cases for the majority mainstream Cameras which are 100% water resistant, dirt proof, snow proof and a viable investment for an year round protection of your sensitive gadgets. The UV resistant, water repellent and scratch resistant coating allows you to capture the quality pictures from your Camera. 

5. Canon Powershot D10 Camera

Canon Powershot D10 CameraThis powershot Camera is water proof to 33 feet and can resist cold from 14- 104 degrees (F) and is shock proof upto four feet. This durable camera captures the pictures at 12.5 Mega pixel with good quality and with poster size prints. This camera is really durable and comfortable to carry for your adventure trips.

6. The GRAYL

The GRAYLWeighs about 556 grams, this water purifier uses a simple and easy mechanism. You will have to simply fill the lower chamber with water and press the upper unit into it. It takes about 15 seconds to press it down after which you can drink the water just like you would drink from a regular bottle. This water purifier removes odors, chemicals, metals, particles and 99.99% of bacteria from the water. 

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