Don’t let it crumble

golconda grafitti

When I started GoUNESCO, it was a big surprise for me to find that there is not a single World Heritage Site in Andhra Pradesh. Golconda, Charminar, Qutub Shahi tombs are just a few of the incredible places in Hyderabad which according to me deserve to be on the list. There are many more sites which can qualify – such as the Thousand Pillar temple in Warangal, the temple in Lepakshi. Although it is heartening that some of these are at least in the list of proposed heritage sites, this news article in the Hindu today may give an idea why these heritage structures may find it tough to get confirmed. Poor upkeep, grafitti everywhere, careless waste management practices and failure of the authorities to stop construction nearby are serious matters. Additionally, it is essential that the residents nearby are educated on the need to preserve these incredible monuments. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on ‘celebrating’ the World Heritage Day, would it not be better to spend some of this money on more meaningful activities?

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