GoUNESCO Winner Profile – Jai Bharathi Addepalli

JB Jama Masjid

JB was the very first winner of the GoUNESCO challenge. Back in 2012, when Ajay just launched the challenge with a few friends, JB pushed herself to join the fun and by the time the year was up, she topped the list by visiting 28 World Heritage Sites in one year!

Since we are close to the GoUNESCO Finale 2014, we quickly caught up with her and made sure she answered a few questions. Thanks a lot JB, it was great to read your responses! We urge our readers to specifically read her first tip to other travelers and travel-enthusiasts.

JB Jama Masjid

1. What is your idea of travel?
Wander around unknown places and rediscover self in a most unique manner which might not be possible through other passions of life.

2. Tourist or traveler? Why?
I prefer to being a traveller. I get to explore the wonders of the world in a path I chose by myself.Being a traveller lets u explore not just the regular places but also allows u to know the surroundings better.

3. Why GoUNESCO?
It is a combination of both my passions – Travel & Heritage

4. Cultural heritage or natural heritage?
I would prefer both.Without Cultural Heritage, it would have been impossible to know how human beings evolved wrt castes/creeds, socio economic conditions, etc.

Also, non of us would have known the best kept secrets of nature without Natural Heritage.

5. Your favourite place as part of the GoUNESCO challenge. Why?
Valley of Flowers in India. It gave me immense pleasure to see such a beautiful valley filled with unique coloured flowers which bloom only for a short while every year.

6. Where did you travel to in the year after winning the GoUNESCO challenge?
After winning GoUNESCO 2012, I decided to cover all the World Heritage Sites in every country I visit. So in 2013 , I visited all the 11 WHS in Turkey in 11 days.

7. Three travel fantasies?
Backpacking in Europe
Motorbiking in Turkey
Road trip in USA

8. According to you, what should be the frame of mind of a traveler?
Actually unlike a tourist, a traveller should not have any set frame of mind when he packs his bags.The best way to explore the world is to plan less and travel more.

9. Any advise to other travelers?
Once you decide on a trip never drop the idea even if you do not get company. Also, budget travel helps spend less and explore more.

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