Guadarrama mountain to the left and Roman aqueduct to the right! Welcome to Segovia


In Spain, one can easily lose oneself in the medieval towns, lovely villages, sunny coast or rocky mountains. The history and culture of this region is well-known and a lot of the sites and locations have been protected over the past few decades by the UNESCO. One of them is a beautiful town in the central Spain � Segovia.

Not far from hustling and restless capital, heading to the west and just crossing the mountain Guadarrama, Segovia is a much smaller, but spirited, historic, unique town. The history and the landmarks of this place will leave you speechless and the view from the terraces and towers breathless.

The well-protected skyline with old churches’ towers, castle’s lookout and cathedral’s impressive bell tower all perfectly fitted within the medieval walls of the town makes the trip to this province capital even more memorable. Once you see the town from the distance you will immediately get the urge to explore the buildings, get lost in the narrow streets and enjoy with the locals on the main square.

The town, surrounded by natural beauty such as the gorge of the rivers Clamores and Eresma, charming gardens and colorful woods, hides the centuries of most intriguing history. Once a capital of the Kingdom of Castilla, the town proudly conserves the most fascinating alcazar (the royal residence) overlooking the rest of the town on one side and the Castilla’s yellowish plain on the other.

Passing the lovely garden in front of the castle, one has two options � explore the Jewish ghetto or stroll through the Christian part of the city. But one thing is certain � all roads led to the cathedral. Located on the Main Square and built in the late gothic style, this place of worship has become not only one of the most important monuments and tourist stops, is also is an inalienable part of the lives of the locals. Its tall, imposing tower provides the best view not only of the town, but of its surroundings and the crystal-clear blue sky.


Walk along the main street, window shop, listen to the upbeat sounds of the locals and take time to admire the amazing facades of centuries old noble houses. Where one would least expect, at the end of the main street lies the great Segovia’s treasure � the ancient Aqueduct! This remarkable construction is hundreds of years old, and without a doubt the most iconic landmark of Segovia. Facing such persistence in time, one can only imagine all the stories this construction has witnessed over the years. If the stone could only talk…
Segovia was enlisted on the World Heritage List in 1985, along with cities of Avila and Santiago de Compostela and the Altamira caves.Segovia-tower

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