Amer Fort-Royal Grandeur-Pink City

Amer fort jaipur india

Amer fort jaipur india

Rajasthan, is well known for its grand hill forts. Amer fort is one such fort, still intact with its beauty and grandeur.The fort is a UNESCO site,in the outskirts of the pink city Jaipur. Since last two years I have been visiting the fort. First time it was with my students on an educational study tour. My first visit left me spell bound with the strong structure of the fort. The fort stands on a hill called Cheelon ka Teela, means a hillock where eagles dwell.The fort was originally build by the tribal called the Meenas,but later Raja Man Singh took it over. This fort has the world’s third longest wall going around it. One enters the fort through a tall gate called Suraj pol or the sun gate.

On entering the fort ,one sees a beautiful ornate entrance called the Ganesh pol,which is the real entrance to the fort.The wall and ceilings have beautiful floral motifs or the phool -patti design.The entrance has both the Hindu and the Mughal influence,also a bit of English influence in the choice of colours. To the left of the Ganesha pol is the Hammam or Turkish baths.

The best part of the fort which I liked was the Sheesh Mahal,used by the king for private meetings with special royal guests.The beauty about the walls is it is made with small mirrors deigned ornately,the guide explained that in olden days there was no electricity so they used to light it with candles.

I was also intrigued by the beauty of the Zenana or the ladies quarters in the palace.Men from outside the royal palace were not allowed and the king used to visit the palaces as and when he wished but´┐Ż the other queens never came to know about the royal visit.

One cannot go away without visiting the Anokhi museum,dedicated to Rajasthani and Indian Textiles.One can end up spending at least three to four hours at Amer Fort.

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