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Lal Bagh Garden, Bangalore Moumita BanerjeeLal Bagh botanical garden also known as the Red Garden is one of the famous tourist attraction of Bangalore city. The garden was completed by Tipu Sultan. The garden is most appropriate for a lazy sunday evening walk with your family. People across the city comes to visit the garden. There are fruit shops inside the garden. Walking in mid of nature surrounded by big banyan trees and  other various trees about which you might not have heard before is thrilling. I came to visit my relatives in Bangalore and made a plan to visit the famous Lal bagh garden on this sunday.

There are many options to reach Lal bagh and the most easiest among them is a auto ride or you can call a ubur taxi who will take you to your location. You can take private car or even bus if you are going with a large group of people. There is a parking place inside the garden.

After getting inside you will see a little hill top over which people sits, talks and enjoys the beautiful scenery. You will get a bird eye view of the surroundings of Lal bagh from the top. Another attraction is the glass house which host flower exhibitions.

The kids plays badminton and different kinds of outdoor games in the garden while the aged people narrates their households course to each other. While walking in mid of the garden you will see many fruit shops. The smell of ripe mangoes and different seasonal fruits is intoxicating and attracts the visitors to buy something for their home.

The leaves and branches of banyan trees have covered the sky like umbrella in a hot sunny day. Its so soothing sitting on a bench under those trees and reading a book by your favorite writer. A person will lost count of time and forget the present.

Lal Bagh reminded me a famous quote “I believe in God, Only I spell it Nature”.

My stay was thrilling and I will visit Lal Bagh again if I get a chance and will suggest everyone to vist the place on their Bangalore trip.








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