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Wars give us memories both of pride and sorrow. I feel proud to write about the war as it helps in remembering and appreciating the brave soldier’s efforts. India and Pakistan have always been in a state of war since the independence of India in 1947. Though both India and Pakistan together worked for the independence of India, Pakistan decided to separate from India to form a nation which had majority of Muslim population. Since independence Pakistan has been demanding the areas of Kashmir from India. And hence, there has been a continuous encounter between the two nations to show their powers.

The Indo-Pak war of 1965 started in August and lasted for seventeen days. Both nations witnessed the martyrs and several casualties of both the soldiers and the common people. The war ended due to the interference of the United Nations Organization (UNO), which declared ceasefire. With the end of the war due to ceasefire, India strategically won the war as India had gained more territory than Pakistan. Pakistan’s desires to occupy the Kashmir were destroyed by the spirit of the brave Indian soldiers. The main reason of war was the land both nations occupied, Pakistan felt that they deserved the Kashmir India occupies.

Soldiers on their mission
Soldiers on their mission

The war started when around 30,000 Pakistani militants entered India. India initially took control over them easily. But later the Pakistani army captured various Indian areas. India too took charge and occupied various regions of Pakistan. Then the UN intervened and announced ceasefires, making both the nations stop the military activities in each other’s areas. The Indian airforce used various planes to tackle the opponent. The MIG-21, Hawker Hunter, Canberra bombers and Folland Gnats were the planes used in the war.

The legacy of the war seems very surprising. Both India and Pakistan award themselves with the victory of 1965’s war. The main reason for this is that, both nations consider ticking different parameters for their win. The Indian’s consider themselves as the ultimate warriors and winners of the 1965 war because they could tackle and fight against the Pakistani army when they invaded Jammu. On the other hand, Pakistan feels their soldiers daring effort to stop Indian army to invade through Wagha border and reach Lahore was an act of heroism and therefore their nation won the battle. The stats speak a different tone though; India lost 3000 soldiers and Pakistan lost 3800 soldiers in the war, India had held 1840 sq km of Pakistan’s area while Pakistan held 540 sq km of India’s area. These clearly mark India’s dominance and its greater legacy over Pakistan.

Indian Flag Being Waved
Indian Flag Being Waved

Even after the declare of ceasefire by Unite Nations Organization (UNO), Pakistan’s army still continues to fire weapons along the border, threatening the lives of people living close to the border. United Nations had made UNMOGIP (United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan) and UNIPOM (United Nations India-Pakistan Observation Mission) to keep peace between India and Pakistan.

The war led to many people losing their homes. Many people lost their family members too. Wars cause a lot of damage to human life, property and emotions. Nations should try to solve issues through formal talks. All nations should also take a stand together against the increasing terrorism in the world.




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