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MotiveFounder Make heritage funAjay Reddy
Type Umbrella organisation
Formation January 2012
Head quarters Bengaluru,Karnataka ,India
Region servedAward



Special Recognition – Manthan Award

Go Heritage Run
GoUNESCO Travel Challenges
GoUNESCO Campus Ambassador Program




GoUNESCO is a UNESCO New Delhi supported umbrella of initiatives founded by Ajay Reddy.The idea behind this initiative was to make people aware about the heritage throught fun . GoUNESCO started in 2012 when founder Ajay Reddy set a personal challenge to visit all 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India over the course of one year. Today, GoUNESCO is a global community of travel and heritage enthusiasts connected through an online forum and vitalized by its strong social media presence. GoUnesco is indulge with three main activities – Online Travel Challenges, Student Program, Go Heritage Runs .



GoUnesco was started in januar of 2012 .According to gounesco’s founder  Ajay Reddey ,he got the idea of  such an initiative by a tweet by Pallavi Savant who posted image of 10rs ticket with world heritage images over it and wrote ‘How many have you been to?’ . Ajay Reddy thought it would be fun to travel to all 28 UNESCO certified World Heritage Sites within a calendar year.”  and thats how the journey of GoUnesco started .



The first initiative from GoUNESCO is a Online travel challenge. There are now travel challenges in Germany, South Africa and even a global challenge in addition to the India challenge. GoUNESCO has inspired thousands of travelers to visit world heritage sites in the last 3 years.
The second initiative from GoUNESCO is a global student outreach program which is designed to make heritage more fun to young people. The GoUNESCO Campus Ambassador program is a 6 month certificate program in which 340 students from nearly 40 countries are currently participating. Through simple, fun tasks, these students are being made aware of heritage around them and all over the world.
Go Heritage Runs, the third initiative from GoUNESCO takes a unique approach to engaging with heritage. By organizing runs at heritage locations, GoUNESCO is trying to engage visitors in activities at the site. In addition to showcasing the heritage location in a different light, the Go Heritage Runs make the participant aware of the landscape, culture and people that make up this site.


Recognition and Partnerships
GoUNESCO is supported by UNESCO New Delhi with a financial grant and technical support.
It has been awarded Special Recognition by the Digital Empowerment Foundation, India
The German National Commission for UNESCO and the South African Heritage Research Association have commended and written about GoUNESCO earlier.
GoUNESCO is an associate partner with EU Heritage Tour project, a European Commission funded project to encourage tourism to world heritage sites in Italy, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and Netherlands.
GoUNESCO has been written about in almost every national newspaper in India including the Times of India, The Hindu, DNA, Hindustan Times; several regional newspapers and international online publications too.