Make Heritage Fun! York

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More often than not, Heritage is something that is, unfortunately, associated with a voice in an audio guide droning on about things relating to a crumbling old building- resulting in History feeling cold and detached in the 21st century visitor’s mind. With a presence felt in more than thirty countries around the world, GoUnesco endeavours […]

Looking for elves in the “Christmasmill”

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In a small beautiful city Trikala in Thessaly, Greece there is an old watermill in which every Christmas the elves inhabit it. This local myth pushed the community to transform the old watermill in the “Elves’ mill” every Christmas period. In the beginning only the locals were the main visitors of this development. But the […]

Monument tour in Tirana

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Monument tour in Tirana       MakeHeritageFun-GIP Tirana As a Cultural Heritage Management student I believe that one of the best topics  for a cultural heritage event, like #makeheritagefun Tirana, would be something related with monuments.  This  because I think that is a great mixture and connection between cultural heritage and architecture. So, on […]