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Satpula – was one of the most important and productive site of jahapanha city. It is the monument which once saved the life of thousands of citizens of forth city of delhi. It is the monument which saved the kingship of Sultan Muhammad Shah Tughlaq against the rebels of a distressed city. It is the monument which provided great defense against Chaghatai tribal rebels of north India. It is the monument which provided water to the barren waste land of farmers until 1980s. However time, ignorance of authorities and attitude of people have taken away royalty of the great monument. Today it is now nothing but a barren, forgotten monument standing somewhere in south Delhi.

Being a localite to the area around Satpula I took the responsibility of bringing such a great monument to in the eye of people. For this I nominated five friends – Akshaja pal singh, Krishna Raghav, Pankaj meena, Himani Mishra, Bhumika Chugh. They love travelling and are quite passionate about it. We have visited many different sites earlier also. Their passion for ‘getting to know grass roots’ really helped me to convince them to visit satpula lake complex. Satpula is also a good place to hang out with friends and much more peaceful than any other monument.

However in-spite of this convincing them for visiting the monument was not that simple. Probably the main reason for this was that Satpula is very shady due to various illegal activities going on here due to negligence by authorities. Normal reaction that I got from the friends was “abe kon jayga esi jagah!!!!!” (“who will go at such a place”).

However the place is really beautiful and has rich heritage value. This really helped me to convince my friends to visit here. The connectivity of the place is really good by metro (Malviya Nagar station) and bus, so I didn’t faced much difficulty in taking my friends there.

SATPULA IS A MONUMENT WHICH KNOW ONE SHOULD MISS IMG-20150125-WA0004 IMG-20150125-WA0006 IMG-20150125-WA0008 IMG-20150125-WA0009 IMG-20150125-WA0014