Heritage Nominate


Nominate five of your friends to visit the heritage site you went to for your ‪#‎GoUNESCOSelfie‬.

What you need to do:
Select five of your friends, write the first name of each of these friends and explain how you will convince them to visit this location. What are your friend’s interests? What are the unique aspects about this place which will attract your friend?

Time Available: 3 weeks

Deadline: January 31, 2015

Bonus Points: 50
(Your friends actually visit that heritage site individually or all of you visit together. Upload photos of the visit with your article for proof.)

1. No plagiarism shall be accepted. You need to write the article in your words.
2. Each article should be accompanied by atleast one picture, with your friends (or whole group) and the heritage site in backdrop.
3. The deadline has to be strictly followed.

Submissions: Submit your article at the end of deadline here – link

Firoz Shah Kotla by Ruchita Belapurkar

A Trip To Firoz Shah Kotla

I’m doing architectural conservation from SPA and we are a class of fourteen with ...

Victoria Memorial with friends

Victoria Memorial with friends

Here is the Proof… According to the assigned task-1;I nominated six of my friends ...

Chamba: The Temple and Friends

In the image (L to R) : Vipul, me, Ankur, Jatin , Abhay. Another ...

Agnjeska and Mario

Clock Tower in Rijeka – #HeritageNominate

#HeritageNominate I nominate five of my friends to visit the Clock Tower in Rijeka, ...

Nahargarh Fort- A Hilltop Retreat

Located on the ridge of the Aravalli hills, the Nahargarh Fort forms an impressive ...

Exploring the Humayun’s tomb ; friends , photos and more

I decided to take my friends to the majestic Humayun’s tomb. It is beauty, ...

red fort nipun and friends

Red fort with Friends

Selecting five friends was tough call but here I nominate Deepak , Preksha , ...