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This past December of 2014, my friends, my brother and I took a 2 days trip to  San Francisco. We took a bus from Los Angeles because none of us had a car and we were college students on a budget. We decided to hop on bus on a Friday evening and reached Saturday morning. On our visit, we saw some great views and ate some lovely food. All things considered, it was a fun, unwinding excursion. Be that as it may, the reason the getaway was really important is on the grounds that it was the “most fortunate” outing I have ever taken! My first ever trip with my friends and brother in USA, and that too the famous California. I love California, amazing weather, friendliest people, delicious mouth watering food and pacific ocean surrounded mostly. The state itself is like a country because it is huge.

San Francisco is a staggering, innovative, natural, hip and wild city. Gold brought a great many brave souls to make a city which now tweets to the new tech industry. San Francisco has its symbols, its scenes, its design however it likewise has its novel identity. In San Francisco, for time being, the climate was totally excellent, with daylight, not very many mists, and gentle frosty temperatures. The city has a notoriety for being foggy, nippy, and blustery, so we were lucky to encounter the flawless climate while we were there.My brother, friends and I went to Golden Gate Bridge, which is wonderful sight,it defiantly takes your breath away. It is the most iconic landmark of California. The bridge itself has an exceptional kind of excellence of its own, it has elegant and basic lines. We rented bikes for a day just to have bike view experience across the bridge of the beautiful city. It was great to bike from one end to other end of bridge which was less than two miles.

Our outing to San Francisco was fortunate for reasons other than climate and regular elements.During our first day in the city, we had no idea where to have breakfast. So we sought the advice of local people concierge knowing fully well that they might direct us to an establishment of nominal quality and one man told us to go to Boudin Bakery and Cafe, delicious place, it is famous for its freshly made Sourdough bread. Being a vegetarian, I ordered sourdough bread bowl soup, best tomato soup in the whole world.  However, the cafe that man suggested for us was perfect. The stylistic layout, administration, and bakery items were among the best I had seen anyplace; and the costs were a great deal more sensible than I would have imagined!

A trip to San Francisco is never complete without Ghirardelli Chocolate!! Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a maker and advertiser of premium chocolate items. Joined in 1852 and the nation’s longest ceaselessly working chocolate maker, Ghirardelli has built up its position as America’s Premium Chocolate Company.I tried the Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop, where one can see chocolate producing gear, enjoyed Hot Fudge Sundaes, and received a lot of free sample chocolates.

On Day 2, we decided to go to Delores park in mission District. Its a small urban oasis in the middle of concrete jungle. This park had an amazing view of whole San Francisco city because we sat all the way to the top. We had a beautiful day at the park. In addition, we did little picnic to enjoy the view while eating, so we got snacks from the nearby food mart of the hotel.

One can’t visit San Francisco and not stop at the Wharf, it is famous and the thing to see here.The Fisherman’s wharf is loaded with eateries, shops and people viewing. We killed a couple of hours strolling around and getting a charge out of the day. All over the place you go there are huge amounts of individuals strolling, eating, shopping, getting a charge out of the road appears, and different exercises. Toward one side you have the famous Pier 39 and on the flip side are restaurants.There are huge amounts of shops here so you will discover a lot of gifts for everyone.

Not long after my travel buddies and I returned home, I understood that I had quite recently undergone the most fortunate excursion I had ever taken – and I may never take one that is more fortunate! This acknowledgement mixed blended feelings in me. I positively felt lucky that the majority of the wild figures adjusted such a route, to the point that it made my trek additional unique. In any case, I additionally perceived that in the event that I ever come back to that a portion of California, my outing won’t not be entirely as fun. What I will dependably have, in any case, are the recollections of my amazingly fortunate outing to San Francisco. Truth be told, I have started alluding to it as my “reverse Murphy’s Law” trip – in light of the fact that everything that could go right did!


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