Play with Heritage

Task Description:

GCA’s can pick ANY particular heritage site/country and they have to make ANY game out of it like a crossword,puzzle,word search or a word scramble.

For this the GCA’s have to research the site/country and apply some amount of creativity.You can also solve the published game/crossword of another GCA which will initiate some form of interaction between the GCA’s who are solving each other’s games and help them to sharpen their knowledge on heritage. Extra Points will be awarded to the GCA if he/she solves any other GCA’S puzzle. We will also put up some of the best samples on the website for visitors to try and solve them and engage with heritage more effectively.

Preparation Required:
1. Give a name or a title to your game
2. There should be atleast 8 clues to solve the puzzle
3. For word scramble there should be a list of atleast 15 words
4. It should be original,simple and yet unique.
5. A video of your puzzles,crosswords can also be made for creative purposes
6. No plagiarism shall be accepted. You need to write it in your words.

Crossword: Where the Celts Play?

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Funky-Junky Words: A Crossword

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