My ‘Make Heritage Fun!’ Experience

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The 6 month GoUNESCO internship has transformed my understanding of culture . I learned to appreciate and respect not only my culture, but also understand the diversity of cultural beliefs and tangible culture across the world. I was able to engage people in making heritage fun and in appreciating and respecting it. I’m a Liberal Arts […]

Khurja Pottery: A splendid 500-year old craft

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Art and craft traditions are generally passed down from generation to generation. This notion has kept  Khurja pottery  alive for over 500 years. Khurja pottery is traditional Indian pottery work. It is made in Khurja, which originates from the Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh, India. The pottery is hand-made and hand-painted, adding to its rustic but ornate aesthetic. It is known as […]

Monument tour in Tirana

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Monument tour in Tirana       MakeHeritageFun-GIP Tirana As a Cultural Heritage Management student I believe that one of the best topics  for a cultural heritage event, like #makeheritagefun Tirana, would be something related with monuments.  This  because I think that is a great mixture and connection between cultural heritage and architecture. So, on […]

Make Heritage Fun! Lagos

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Sun Salutation in Lagos I am fascinated and somewhat addicted to the energy and sheer life that permeates in the local markets of Lagos, Nigeria and in particular Oyingbo market in Herbert Macaulay Road in Lagos State. The market is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Lagos and sells anything from local fruit […]